Aurora Mobile Sign is one of the very few well established portable sign rental companies in the GTA. We have been installing rental signs since 1989. We have an extensive client list that keeps on growing every year. Our clients range from large national chains, municipal & regional public service sectors, to the everyday small business.

Fully Licensed & Insured Serving the Entire GTA - With Permits Arranged at No Charge.
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If you want to sell a product or service to someone who actually goes out and earns a living.........Get 'em where they live. That's right, in their cars.

In fact, your potential customers are probably on the road in front of your business right now. And unless they happen to stop in for a visit, they may never find out what you've got to sell or what you're willing to sell it for.

It's called exposure. Without it your business can't survive. Exposure is the key to revive sales and increasing profits in today's competitive marketplace. It's also the single most important factor in deciding whether a business succeeds or falls prey to the competition.

But exposure has to be affordable. It has to be strategically placed. It should be visible and easy to read - day or night. But most importantly, it has to versatile enough to change as your company's needs change.

And that's were we come in. Our mobile signs are quite possibly the most cost-effective outdoor advertising medium available today!

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